​The Angry Summer, the report released this week by the independent Climate Commission, makes plain that Australians must increase co-operation and action on Climate Change, says Bishop Philip Huggins, Chair of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s Social Responsibilities Committee.

Bishop Huggins says the prospect of further "Angry Summers" like the one we’ve just had should focus our minds as stewards of this planet and for the sake of those born this century.

“Our domestic politics is what it is, including the carbon tax,” he says.

“Nevertheless, we urge the two relevant and very capable MPs, the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet and the Shadow Minister for Climate Action Greg Hunt, to meet and negotiate a bipartisan approach on climate change.

“There is much common ground. Australia is in a position to take a lead in international responses.

“There is no time to be lost. Action this decade is crucial. Inspired and co-operative leadership is needed.”

Bishop Huggins quotes the Commission's report: "It is highly likely that extreme hot weather will become even more frequent and severe in Australia and around the globe over coming decades. The decisions we make this decade will largely determine the severity of climate change and its influence on extreme events for our grandchildren."

He says the Oscar-nominated film Lincoln puts before us the model of Abraham Lincoln and conveys what can be achieved when moral resolve and political skill are combined for the common good.

“We urge our major parties and their leaders, including Mr Combet and Mr Hunt, to act now with Lincoln-like inspiration.”
The report is available at climatecommission.gov.au/Angry-Summer

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