​Ordination of Deacons
St Paul's Cathedral February 2012

Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Philip Freier will ordain 15 men and women as Anglican priests at 11am on Saturday 24 November in St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne. The media are welcome to attend.

“It is with delight that we announce the ordination of 15 men and women to the priesthood. They range in age from 25 to 53, and they also offer diversity in background, ethnicity and ministry – some will be parish-based, while others will minister as school chaplains,” said Archdeacon Robert Presland, Director of Theological Education for the Diocese.

Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins and Adam Cetrangolo are two of the people who will be ordained on 24 November.

With 30 years’ experience as a Chemistry teacher behind her, the Revd Philippa Lohmeyer-Collins has not found it hard to make the transition to school chaplaincy.

“I love teaching and I love leading girls in worship,” says Philippa, who is ministering at Mentone Girls’ grammar school, “so I am very much enjoying this move from one teaching role to another. I had felt a call to ordination for some time but deciding to respond to it was the hardest thing. I believed what I was doing as a teacher was a really important calling, so I had to think through why I would change. The answer was that I wanted to connect girls with God.” 

Learning about religion and values is fundamental to a good education, Philippa says, but she stresses teenagers today may have little or no church contact “so they don’t even know the questions to ask. And if they don’t know the questions, we can’t just tell them the answers. My key role is to help them formulate those questions.”
The Revd Adam Cetrangolo grew up as a committed Roman Catholic, attending a church school and being involved in various forms of lay ministry for many years. After his marriage 10 years ago to Heather (an Anglican) he began worshipping with both denominations, and when he started thinking about ordained ministry he realised that would not now be possible in the Catholic Church. The result of much thought and prayer put him on the path to ordination as an Anglican priest.

He and Heather, who was priested three years earlier, are ministering in the new parish partnership of St Mary’s Caulfield, St Catherine’s Caulfield South and St Clement’s, Elsternwick. They work well together and Adam sees their strengths as being complementary. 

Adam is very enthusiastic about his parish partnership’s focus on mission. The team of which he is a part is considering street evangelism, doorknocks, and tapping into new networks. Because St Clement’s, for instance, is in an area well provided with public transport, a lot of workers commute daily into it. Station evangelism is a possibility, to be conducted rather like a survey, to find out people’s needs and ideas. The most important thing, Adam says, is to have conversations and establish relationships.