​Following the 6.9 magnitude earthquake on February 6 that struck off Negros, the third largest island in the Philippines, ABM has launched an Emergency Appeal to support its partners in the region.

The quake triggered a series of landslides, collapsing buildings and houses and damaging vital infrastructure. As of 20 February, 320,165 people were affected by the disaster with 15,787 houses having damage, 51 people reported dead, 112 injured and 62 missing.

ABM’s partner, the Iglesia Filipina Independiente – Philippine Independent Church (IFI) has appealed for emergency funding to help those affected by the disaster following the General Secretary, Bishop Lito Cruz’s, visit to the affected areas to assess the situation.

The Revd Fr Dindo Ranojo, of the IFI, reported: “Most people are still afraid of going back to their places because of fear that another strong earthquake will happen.”

You can support the people in the Philippines affected by this disaster and help ABM raise $25,000 so that IFI can provide much needed supplies to these families.

Funds for the ABM Philippines Emergency Campaign will be used to provide relief aid to an estimated 1500 families, mostly women and children. Your donation will offer relief items will include food such as rice, canned goods and instant noodles, as well as bottled water and coffee sachets.
Any amounts raised in excess of the $25,000 target will go into the Global Rapid Response Fund for future emergencies.

You can donate at www.abmission.org by selecting Philippines Emergency Campaign from the drop-down campaign list or phone a local call on 1300 302 663 or email info@abm.asn.au.




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