On behalf of the Anglican Church in Melbourne I welcome the Federal Government’s decision to set up a Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse.

I welcome any step which will assist those who have experienced the devastating effects of abuse through the churches or other institutions.

I earlier expressed our hope that the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry will provide the community with confidence that churches and religious organisations will handle allegations of abuse with the utmost seriousness and concern, and with the best possible practices, policies and protocols for handling allegations of abuse, and for providing appropriate care for the victims of abuse.

I uphold the same hope for the Royal Commission, and on behalf of Anglicans in Melbourne wish to assure the whole community that the Anglican Church is committed to doing all that is possible to ensure that abuse does not occur. Although we already have rigorous processes in place, we are keen to learn how these might be improved further.

Click here to read the statement PDF from the Primate, Dr Philip Aspinall, regarding the Royal Commission.

The Diocese of Melbourne’s submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry can be seen at:

Click here to read an article regarding this submission

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