​A moratorium on betting on some of our major sports, including football codes and cricket, should be considered for 2013 as one of the immediate responses to the Australian Crime Commission’s devastating report on Australian Sport, Bishop Philip Huggins said today.

Bishop Huggins, who is chair of the Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee, said a suspension of such betting for 2013 would give time “to complete the clean-up now under way, and would remove any possibility that the winter games of the AFL and NRL would attract unsavoury speculation.”

“Such a ban would also help our young sports people to play free of the same speculation,” he said.

He added: “The alleged linkages between organised crime and sport require a strong united response aimed at restoring integrity.

“The word ‘play’ is used in relation to sporting ‘games’. These words speak of an innocence and integrity we all want to recover, both in sport and in our community.”


Bishop Philip Huggins 
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