​Media reports about proposed further cuts to the TAFE system should be of great concern to all Victorians, Bishop Philip Huggins said today.

Bishop Huggins, who is Chair of the Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee, is calling on the Victorian State Government not to proceed with the reported plans.

“I urge the Premier to pause, and review any plans to cut the TAFE Sector any deeper.”

He said providing pathways for disadvantaged youngsters through education and training, towards durable employment, has been vital for youngsters from a range of backgrounds. These included those from disadvantaged families, suburbs and regional areas, as well as recent arrivals as refugees.

“It is crucial that our young people have a sense of a positive future, a pathway to a positive self-identity, a way that their God-given gifts can be developed and find a valued place in society.”

He said that while he understood that Australia’s governments and governments around the world are struggling to maintain services at a time of lower revenues,  “the moral issue is how to do this with minimal impact on those most vulnerable.”

“In light of the Federal Government’s ‘crusade’ on education I call on the COAG Premiers and Ministers of Education to urgently convene with the Prime Minister to ensure, in tight budgetary circumstances, that there is maximum co-operation to protect the educational opportunities of disadvantaged youngsters.”


Bishop Philip Huggins
Mob 0418 799 515

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