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How can the Diocese best communicate with the wider world?

The Melbourne Diocese is taking a look at how it communicates its messages, both to fellow Anglicans and beyond the church, following a call from the synod.

The synod motion noted “the rapidly changing face of similar media organisations in the broader community.” This face has changed more substantially and faster than many thought possible, in the period since the synod.
We are not Fairfax, News Ltd or a TV network, however. The ownership of Anglican Media is not in play! There is no secret radical agenda here.

But there is a determination to do the best we can to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our diverse and changing Anglican community, and that we are communicating effectively with the wider Victorian world.

We have been asked by synod “to ensure that Anglican Media is realising its full potential and that the Diocese is getting value for the funds committed” – in this financial year, $168,896. The review committee – comprising the Revd Paul Arnott, the Revd Canon Dr Ray Cleary, the Revd Tracy Lauersen, Penny Mulvey, Ken Spackman, and myself – has been appointed by Archbishop in Council, as directed by synod.

Our first goal is to learn what our fellow Anglicans feel about the way we communicate.

This means primarily TMA, the diocesan website, our media liaison work, and the advice on media activities and statements given to the Archbishop and his senior staff. But we would also like to hear what people think about the potential use of emerging media too, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and any different suggestions they may have.

For this reason, we need our fellow Anglicans to communicate with us. To make this easier, we have devised a survey which is now available on the diocesan website, which we urge you to fill in and send back to us, ideally online. It is also printed in this edition of TMA. We believe it can be completed by most people in ten minutes or less.

Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor for ‘The Australian’, is Chair of the Anglican Media Review Committee.

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​If you have further comments that you wish to make, beyond the survey, do not hesitate to write to:

Anglican Media Review Committee
c/- The Registrar
Anglican Diocese of Melbourne
209 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000



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