​Yom Ayuen, 20, arrived at the Dzaipi refugee
camp in northern Uganda with her brothers
and sisters and her three-month-old baby.
She is one of nearly 20,000 refugees who
have made their way to this camp alone.
Photo: ACT Alliance

Overseas relief and development agency Anglican Overseas Aid has launched an appeal to support people affected by the conflict in South Sudan.
The conflict in South Sudan has caused a major emergency. Since fighting began on December 15, more than half a million people have been forced from their homes, most of whom remain displaced within South Sudan itself.
At least 10 members of Melbourne’s South Sudanese community were in South Sudan when the fighting started and had to leave immediately, knowing the family they left behind were at great risk. Many people in the Melbourne community have stories of family and friends who have been killed.
Funds raised through Anglican Overseas Aid’s appeal will be directed to ACT Alliance partner Norwegian Church Aid, which is working with churches in South Sudan to provide urgently-needed food, water, hygiene, sanitation, medicines and other essential items to people who have been forced to flee their homes. NCA is also working with South Sudanese church leadership to support unified efforts to call for peace.

In the coming week, Anglican Overseas Aid’s website and social media channels will feature detailed information on:

• Personal stories of escape and loss from Melbourne’s South Sudanese community
• How you can join the South Sudanese community in prayer at different locations around the city
• Opportunities for members of the South Sudanese community to speak at your church and parish.

Visit http://ow.ly/sAMHt to make a secure donation to the South Sudan Emergency Appeal.

Click here to read about how Anglican Overseas Aid has been consulting with Melbourne’s South Sudanese community on the best response to the conflict.

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