​Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called for "a foot-washing Church" in his address to the Methodist Conference in London on 10 July.
The Archbishop said churches should stand alongside the poor; not just talk to them, as he expressed concern about the rise of foodbanks in the United Kingdom and made the argument that inflation was a tax on the poor.
Speaking at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, Archbishop Welby said there was a "gross imbalance in the allocation of resources" in society.
He drew on the North/South economic divide, pointing out that the spending per head on infrastructure in the North-East of England was 5 ($A8.30) compared to more than 2000 ($3325) in the South.
"There is a danger of the radical individualisation of our society, meaning whole sectors dismiss others sectors," he said. "Economics has to be our servant; not our master.
"The state can’t put its arm around you. The state can’t welcome you into a church and say, 'You matter'. The state can’t hand you support in a way that is not condescending, or the creation of dependency.
There need to be strong and varied intermediate structures of voluntary action.
"He also said: "I hope and pray that, like me, you dread being useful. We do not want to be useful.
We want to be the revolutionary, society-changing, transforming, extraordinary, Spirit-filled Church of God.
"We are about revolution; a revolution of peace and love that sees the common good in dream – and through the resources released by visible unity, brings it into reality.
"The Archbishop added that churches should unlock the wealth that God offers through His Spirit.

"The common good is resourced in the generosity of God and nowhere else," he said.

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