Motions calling on the Federal Government for a more compassionate response to the 15,000 asylum seekers in Australia and for the banning of advertising of gambling odds during sports broadcasts will be debated this week at the Synod (parliament) of the Anglican Church in Melbourne.

The Synod opens tonight in St Paul’s Cathedral with a special service at 7pm, followed by an address by the Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Philip Freier. Motions will be debated when Synod continues in St Paul’s Cathedral on Thursday and Friday nights (7-10.30pm) and Saturday (10am-5pm).

The asylum seeker motion calls on the Federal Government to permit the 15,000 asylum seekers already living in Australia “access to education and the right to seek paid work while their claims to refugee status are assessed, enabling them to build a future and lead meaningful lives”.

The gambling motion expresses particular concern about “the extension of gambling and the advertising of gambling into all areas of community life”; the effect of this increased exposure on children and that “gambling-like play is being presented to children through social media, mobile phone apps…; and the tragic link between problem gambling and family violence”.

This motion also calls on the Federal Government “to require all on-line gambling operators in Australia to be licenced, with mandatory pre-commitment as a condition of licence; and to establish a national gambling regulator to oversee gambling regulation and compliance”.

Other motions to be debated by the 800-strong Synod include a motion urging the Victorian Government to review its liquor law, particularly the 3am closing time for some liquor outlets, in the light of the concerns of Victoria Police about alcohol-fuelled violence.


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