Melbourne-based Anglican Overseas Aid, in partnership with the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA), has helped restock goat herds as a drought relief program in Magaale, in the Afar region of Ethiopia, with the help of income from donors and Australian Government overseas aid program AusAID.

Under the program, 237 families were each provided with 10 goats – one male and nine female – to give them a new start.

Ms Valerie Browning, Program Manager for APDA, said: “The goat is the asset, it is the way the house feeds itself, the way the house pays for its livelihood. Afar aren’t able to farm, they don’t have crops, they don’t even have onions!

“The goat herd has put them back on their feet again and necessarily given them back the dignity they had and deserve…
I’m Australian, so I’m thrilled it happened through the hands of Australians and it was just a great thing to do because it did exactly what was needed. If we can work more to make these people self-sufficient, that’s what it’s all about.”

See a video presentation of how Australians have helped an African community survive after several years when the rains failed.

Watch the video:

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