Dr ​Barry Jones and Judith Troeth joined
Archbishop Freier on 11 September to
reflect on the 2013 election campaign.

Political veterans Dr Barry Jones AO, former ALP President and Minister for Science, and Judith Troeth AM, former Liberal Senator for Victoria, joined Archbishop Freier to reflect on the 2013 federal election in a public conversation on Wednesday 11 September at Federation Square.
Dr Jones argued that both main parties had concluded that the 20 per cent of the population least engaged in the debate would decide the election and that the way to reach them was not by explaining policy but by advertising.
Ms Troeth questioned the new government’s policy on asylum seekers arriving by boat.
'''Stop the boats' is a handy slogan, but it won't work,'' she said.
The conversationalists also discussed the urgency of addressing climate change in an informed, evidence-based manner, the rise of micro-parties in the 2013 election, and the growing influence of polls and focus group findings in the shaping of policy.
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