In the National Capital, we are seeing the consequences of unreconciled relationships. That which seems to mark the relationship of our PM and Foreign Minister is hurting our capacity to be governed quietly and wisely.

The fact that intelligent, gifted and hard-working political leaders can make no progress towards their own reconciliation is not helpful leadership. Even at this late stage, one would urge our PM and Foreign Minister, with skilled assistance, to work through their issues and come to some agreed resolution, for the sake of the nation they serve.

Their vivid modelling of positive efforts towards reconciliation would give great encouragement to others alienated and dispirited by conflict.

The ancient wisdom, ever true, is that wonderful creative energy is released through reconciled relationships. By contrast, unreconciled relationships leave an edge, a distance between people, lost opportunities for work together. All around us we see the debris of unreconciled relationships in families and workplaces.

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning for Christians of the Lenten journey of God' s reconciliation in Jesus. Acknowledging our own failures, we strive afresh for better reconciliation in our own lives. Those in high political office will be supported by our prayers, from our places of frailty. We all need grace.

Bishop Philip Huggins
Chair - Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee  
Tel: 0418 799 515




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