The Revd Brendan Purcell, Adjunct Professor in Philosophy at Notre Dame University, Sydney and former Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at University College, Dublin, debated Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, in St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne, last Thursday evening 12 April.

The debate, which occurred on the eve of the Global Atheist Convention being held in Melbourne 13-15 April, focussed on the topic 'the role of reason in faith and unbelief'.

Dr Purcell has given considerable thought to the ultimate questions of life. In his recent book From Big Bang to Big Mystery: Human Origins in the light of Creation and Evolution, he tackles the ultimate question or big mystery: where did human beings come from?

The book is a study of human origins which draws on the latest research in genetics, neuroscience, linguistics and other sciences, and the insights of philosophers from Aristotle to Bernard Lonergan.

The book explores ‘the human revolution,’ the uniqueness of human beings and their capacity for transcendence.

Speaking at the launch of the book, Dr Purcell said there is a huge heart at the centre of the universe which is also at the centre of every human being, and later said that he hoped that readers would get excited about “being human and realise that they come from love with a capital ‘L’ and they’re going back there again.”



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