"There is an urgent need for a review of Gun-control Legislation in Australia," Bishop Philip Huggins, Chair of the Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee, said today.

"After the Port Arthur massacre, Australia legislated to better control access to weapons.

“So what has happened to Gun-control since? We don’t want to only see such a review after another Port Arthur tragedy,” he said.

His call for a review comes in the wake of media reports that criminals have stolen thousands of guns from homes and dealers in Australia over the past eight years and that only a fraction of these have been recovered by police.

There has also been a reported rise in the number of armed assaults and thefts, including on so-called ‘soft’ targets as people enjoy restaurants and shops.

“These alarming reports suggest that a review of gun-control legislation and programs is overdue,” Bishop Huggins said.

“Recent events including the shooting of innocent people on a camp in Norway and in a US movie house also clearly suggest the necessity for Gun-control is imperative.

“It is the role of Governments, with the support of the community, to protect personal safety.

“People need to feel these risks are being adequately managed.

“A review is timely,” he said.

Contact: Bishop Philip Huggins
Chair, Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee
Mob: 0418 799 515

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