​A motion calling on the Federal Government to place child asylum seekers in appropriate community care while their claims for refugee status are assessed will be one of the motions to be debated this week at the Synod (parliament) of the Anglican Church in Melbourne.

The Synod opens tonight in St Paul’s Cathedral with a special service at 7pm, followed by an address by Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Philip Freier.  Motions will be debated when Synod continues in St Paul’s Cathedral on Thursday and Friday nights (7-10.30pm) and Saturday (10am-5pm).

The asylum seeker motion also calls on Federal politicians to:
- ensure the practice of sending unaccompanied minors to third countries ceases;
- reduce the rate of asylum claims by addressing human rights violations in countries of origin and disempowering people smugglers;
- ensure the processing of claims for refugee status expeditiously; and
- pursue policies that seek to strengthen regional co-operation and expand protection of asylum seekers and refugees in the region.

In addition to a motion about refugees and asylum seekers, other motions to be debated by the 800-strong Synod include:

A motion urging the Federal and State Governments to persist with gambling and poker machine reform; a motion encouraging all churches, when they display the Australian national flag, to display the Aboriginal flag as well; and a motion celebrating 20 years of women priests in the Diocese of Melbourne.

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