Dear friends,

Like me, you are probably deeply concerned by the widespread violence that people have been experiencing in the Gaza Strip.

Anglican Overseas Aid has been in contact with our partner, Al Ahli Arab Hospital, and also with the Diocese of Jerusalem to express our support during this crisis and to assure them of our prayers.

We were shocked to learn that Suhaila Tarazi, the Hospital Director, narrowly escaped serious injury when a missile exploded beside her home on Sunday night. Suhaila’s garden is now a crater and her home has been extensively damaged.
She then took shelter in her cousin’s home. More bombs landed nearby, and Suhaila was injured by breaking windows and needed stitches in her lip.

In the midst of this, Suhaila was preparing the hospital for an influx of patients as the aerial bombardment continued.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health asked Al Ahli to treat injured people directly, along with receiving patients who were transferred out of the major Government Hospitals to create beds for critical emergency cases.

Al Ahli is currently dependent on generator power and a skeleton staff, as most employees are seeking shelter at home with their families and are unable to reach the hospital safely, although this may change over the coming days with the announcement of a tentative ceasefire.

All community and outpatient programs have been temporarily suspended, including the free breast screening clinic funded through Anglican Overseas Aid.

At such a time I am even more thankful to God that the Hospital is a haven of peace in one of the world’s most troubled places, serving all in need regardless of race, faith or social status.

Anglican Overseas Aid has supported the vital work of Al Ahli Arab Hospital – an Anglican institution - for nearly 25 years.
We greatly appreciate your concern for people affected by this crisis. When it is clear that the ceasefire is holding, there will be an extensive recovery effort required. Some reports say the current bombardment has been worse than the 2008 conflict.

Our website will be updated regularly with news from Gaza.

Please join me in praying for Al Ahli Arab Hospital, that the ceasefire will hold, and for peace and justice for all in the Holy Land.

Yours sincerely,
Bob Mitchell
CEO, Anglican Overseas Aid

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