A Christmas plea from Bishop Philip Huggins, Chair of the Social Responsibilities Committee of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

What would make it a happier Christmas for all?

Many of us will enjoy a wonderfully happy Christmas with family and friends. But not those whose lives have been saddened and damaged by violence this year.

What would make a difference for them?

In a number of places around the world, when the level of violence has become intolerable, movements have arisen to restore peace and prevent further deterioration. Inspired leaders have urged their societies to make a collective resolution to stop violence in homes and on the streets, building systems and renewing institutions to make this happen.

We need that collective resolve here now from our civic, religious and political leaders.

The recent public response to the violent deaths of Ms Jill Meagher and Ms Sarah Cafferkey demonstrate that our society is ready to make such a collective resolution.

We do not want such acts of violence to become more widespread.

Creating safer, more peaceful and happier communities is a matter of Spirit and policy. This needs inspired leadership that will focus our community’s clear resolve to stop violence and build a more peaceable society.

It needs “enough is enough” kind of leadership to have a range of programs and policies ready to channel this community resolve into productive outcomes.

So let us put the content into that kind of leadership in the Spirit of Christmas.

Let us make it a happier Christmas for all as we anticipate 2013.

Bishop Philip Huggins
M: 0418-799-515
Mark Brolly, Anglican Media Melbourne
M: 0419-329-119.

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