​An increase in the Medicare Levy is the most secure way to ensure sustained funding for the NDIS, Bishop Philip Huggins, Vicar-General of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne said today.

He said that while it is good that the NDIS is a reform which has bi-partisan support, “it is important that the politics of an election year not now confuse or complicate the process through Pilot Programs to full implementation of the NDIS”.

“Pilot Programs are just getting under way, including in the Barwon Region. As best practice, it is important that these Pilots be undertaken and reviewed so that the subsequent expansion of the NDIS is efficient and compassionate.”

He said the Anglican Church strongly supports the NDIS, a position the Church has held and conveyed for several years. 

“At its most recent Synod in October last year, the Anglican Church in Melbourne unanimously affirmed its support.

“The NDIS is a significant social reform and will bring great comfort to many Australians.

“Let us together, as a nation, enjoy and appreciate the relief and comfort this reform brings to people.

“As has often been said, a civilised nation is one which looks after its most vulnerable citizens. Agreement on the NDIS gives us reason to feel better about ourselves as the nation of a ‘fair go’, following the golden rule and giving others what we would hope might be given us.

“This is a time for quiet rejoicing.”


Bishop Philip Huggins
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