With a mandatory pre-commitment on pokies, “Everyone wins, except those who profit from others’ gambling addiction,” Bishop Philip Huggins said today.
Bishop Huggins, who is Chair of the Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee, said a mandatory pre-commitment on pokies would help to minimise the suffering of those affected by gambling addictions.
“Minimising the suffering of others - including the suffering of addicts and those affected by their addiction - is a worthy endeavour.
“Some commentators and politicians are now questioning mandatory pre-commitment on pokies. Perhaps it is the name. It sounds more complicated than it is.
“The problem it addresses is addiction. People with addictions cannot easily manage their own behaviour.
“Why else do people keep betting when they know it is destroying their families and finances? Requiring a set commitment before they start gambling at least helps them manage their behaviour better. It is a pity we don't have as simple a solution for drink drivers.
“Our politicians have a great opportunity to minimise some suffering. There are many who will be immensely grateful.”
Bishop Philip Huggins 
T: 9653 4243 or 0418 799 515



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