​Anglicans Promoting Equal and Respectful Relations was disgusted at Zoo Weekly’s competition to find "Australia's Hottest Asylum Seeker."
Dr Ree Boddé, Program Director for Anglicans Preventing Violence Against Women, said “exploiting the desperate situations of female asylum seekers escaping horrific situations is shameful. The magazine’s dehumanising, objectification of women’s lives (and those of their children) is the root cause of why violence against women continues in Australia and internationally at such alarming rates.”
While the magazine has withdrawn its competition and issued a public apology, Dr Boddé calls on the media environment to change. There is, she said, "excessive objectification of women in some parts of the press, reducing them entirely to sexual commodities in a way that would not be broadcast on television, nor allowed in the workplace because of sexual discrimination legislation. The portrayal of women as sex objects and body parts, to sell magazines has absolutely no news value in and of itself.”
Dr Boddé said “to prevent violence against women an important first step is that the media promote equal and respectful relationships. We need also to work towards this in our families and relationships.”


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