A unique conference for multicultural clergy of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne will be held on February 11 at St Michael’s Church, North Carlton, to strengthen connections between 40 ethnic congregations and share their experiences of settling into Australia.
Fifty people will spend the day exploring the Archbishop’s vision for the Diocese, discussing English language requirements for public ministry, and having workshops on ordination, managing money, how a personal relationship with God translates into community action, and how they can plan for the future.
The 40 congregations include Dinka, Chollo and Nuer from the Sudan, Chinese from Hong Kong and China, Karen from Burma, and others from Indonesia, South India, Samoa and Vietnam. On an average Sunday, these congregations, worshipping in their own language, number more than 2000 – a significant proportion of the Diocese’s regular worshippers.
Bishop Philip Huggins will start the conference and Archbishop Philip Freier will join the conference from lunch-time. Speakers and respondents will include Canon Robert Vun (Chinese), Rowan Callick (Examining Chaplain), Thataw Kunoo (Karen), the Revd Ben Wong (Chinese), the Revd Peter Alier Jongjoor (Sudanese), the Revd Robert Presland (Network 1:28) and Canon Ray Cleary (Trinity College).
Coordinator of Multicultural Ministry, Canon Alan Nichols, said: “The idea for this clergy conference came from various sectors of our multicultural sector. Some said: “Our children are becoming Australian too fast.” Others said: “How can we turn the vertical relationship with God into a horizontal relationship with the community?” Others wanted to know how the Diocese works.
“The first goal of course is simply for everyone to get to know one another better,” Canon Nichols said.
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