​Statement from Bishop Philip Huggins, Chair, Melbourne Anglican Social Responsibilities Committee

The essence of true religion is compassion and living by Jesus’ golden rule; treating others as we would like to be treated. The Resurrection gives us the faith, energy and hope to live like this.


  • If we were fleeing violent, cruel places like Afghanistan and Syria we would hope to be spoken of compassionately and not in derogatory terms.

  • If we were in this community but in detention, awaiting the outcome of our refugee claims, we would hope our time could be occupied with education, training and the possibility of employment; especially if we were young and hoping to make some kind of future through education and employment. We would hope not to be driven crazy by futureless detention, negatively idle and losing confidence, with our whole being otherwise full of youthful energy. We would hope to be treated as we see other young people treated in Australia.

  • Finally, if our family had been fractured by war and other forces entirely beyond our control, we would hope to be re-united, so parents and children could be with each other again, safely.

As the Easter hope is celebrated anew, we should consider these matters, perhaps as we buy our Fair Trade Easter eggs, ensuring in little ways and big, our happiness is not at others’ expense and we treat others as we want to be treated ourselves.

From the bottom-up, through a people's movement, we must demand this kind of compassionate leadership from those in the national parliament. It is all possible!

Bishop Philip Huggins 
M: 0418 799 515
Media Officer Roland Ashby 
T: (03) 9653 4215


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