​Archbishop Phillip Aspinall of Brisbane, the Primate of Australia, has renewed his diocesan appeal set up after the devastating 2011 floods in the state for the latest crisis, with thousands of Queenslanders battling the effects of yet another devastating flood – some for the third or fourth time. Families are homeless, possessions destroyed, livelihoods are at risk, and for some, spirits are close to being broken.

Your help now will give those affected the relief they need to keep going and to cope during this incredibly tough battle.
Dr Aspinall said: “Your donations will go where they are needed, when they are needed, with as little red tape or delay as possible.”

Since the 2011 floods, the Archbishop’s Flood Appeal fund has distributed nearly $1.3 million in donations to people across Queensland, giving a helping hand and getting victims back on their feet.

In 2013, the need is just as great, and the urgency is even greater. Your contribution will help show people they are not alone, that people care, and that we are all here to help them get through.

The Archbishop’s Flood Appeal provides vital emergency relief, helping to provide urgent needs and to replace goods not covered by insurance or government funding. The Appeal also plays a major part in the ongoing community recovery program.

See anglicanbrisbane.org.au/archbishop-flood-appeal for details about how to donate.

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