​The Archbishop of Brisbane, Dr Phillip Aspinall, has welcomed the release of the terms of reference and the announcement of the commissioners for the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.

Achbishop Aspinall, who is also Australia’s Anglican Primate, said it was as an important next step in the Royal Commission process.

He expressed thanks for the six eminent and expert Australians who had agreed to serve as Commissioners, and welcomed the broad backgrounds and range of experience they bring.

Dr Aspinall acknowledged that the task before the commissioners was huge. He expected they would not only need to call on their wide experience and fierce respect for the truth, but upon their own personal reserves of courage, compassion and good sense.

Brisbane’s Anglican Diocese, from the outset, had committed to providing every possible cooperation. Archbishop Aspinall reaffirmed that pledge following the terms of reference release. He first welcomed the Royal Commission as an “historic opportunity” to protect children.

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