Archbishop Justin with Archbishop Armando Guerra Soria,
Guatemala City, 11 August 2013.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has told Anglicans in Guatemala that “reconciliation is ‘the gift’ which the church gives to the world. But it is also ‘cross-shaped’, and churches that seek justice ‘will find a cross, and will need to bear it’.”

The Archbishop preached at St James Cathedral, Guatemala City during his two-day visit to the country. He also met representatives from across the diocese and the Central American region, and saw examples of local Anglican work in education and women’s empowerment.

The Archbishop's week-long visit to Barbados, Guatemala and Mexico was part of a series of visits to Anglican Primates he is making during his first eighteen months in his post.

“I am grateful for this opportunity to see the love of Jesus Christ in action in the life of the church," he said. "I thank God for the church’s committed mission and service here in Guatemala and pray that it may continue to be an agent of God’s healing and reconciliation for the whole country.

“Our faith in Jesus Christ offers an immense resource in transforming our societies, for the overcoming of violence and for the healing of memories and of unjust relationships. I give special thanks for the efforts being made to overcome gender violence and to encourage the international community to take its commitments seriously. We shall continue to make addressing gender-based violence a priority in our life as the Anglican Communion.”  

To read the full text of the Archbishop's sermon, preached at St James Cathedral, Guatemala City, Guatemala on Sunday 11 August 2013, please click here.


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