In his first term as Prime Minister, the Hon Kevin Rudd showed great compassion towards homeless people.
We recall his visits to shelters for homeless people, his Taskforce and additional funding to provide durable solutions.
The same compassionate response is now needed for those asylum seekers in the community, pushed into poverty by “no advantage” policies.
These people are not having their claims for refugee status assessed. They cannot work. They do not have enough resources to live on. They are being driven into homelessness and despair. They are being negatively stereotyped in the political discourse, day by day.
We urge the Prime Minister to recall the face of the homeless. We urge him to meet the asylum seekers – visit them in the agencies trying to support them.
We urge the new Prime Minister to ensure their claims for refugee status are assessed in a timely fashion.
We urge the prime Minister to make a dignified, compassionate response to this situation – a response worthy of a civilised nation.
Bishop Philip Huggins on 9653 4243 or 0418 799 515
Communications Director Roland Ashby on 9653 4215 or 0418 342 561

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