One of the projects supported by the 2012 Lent Campaign is ABM’s agriculture and food security
program in the Philippines, which supports disadvantaged communities in rural and remote areas. This
project provides resources that enable more than 2000 households to engage in productive activities
that enhance food security, improve farm income and reduce poverty.

In 2012, two post-harvest facilities will be built for drying and storing grains. These solar driers are
essentially concrete pavements used to dry corn or rice, helping to cut down on food wastage so that
farmers do not have to sell their produce at reduced costs.

Farmers like Francesca Napolitano of Calupan in the Philippines have benefited from ABM’s support in
previous years. Francesca’s family relies on corn and rice as the major sources of livelihood.
“It’s good because our crop is not being damaged. Sometimes before we had the solar drier the corn or
rice would sprout and be damaged,” Francesca said.

A farmer can increase his or her income by 10 to 15% when the produce is sold dry and stored properly.
In turn, with your support and donations ABM is able to contribute to the achievement of the first
Millennium Development Goal (MDG) in the Philippines, which has a target to cut the proportion of
people living in extreme poverty and subsistence from 24.3% in 1991 to 12.5% in 2015.
By giving to ABM’s Lent Campaign, you can help other farmers in the Philippines to feel the support that
Francesca’s family has.
Donate at or phone 1300 302 663.

The Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) is the national mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia. For over
158 years ABM has been assisting people all over the world to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provide health and education services, improve agricultural practices and strengthen the Church.