​The Surrender conference, which was held in the Dandenong Mountains outside Melbourne from 14 to 16 March, is an annual gathering of Christians from diverse denominations who come together to share ideas on justice, discipleship and the Christian mission.

Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne Dr Philip Freier spoke at this year’s conference, also the event’s tenth anniversary. The conference hoped to explore the relationship and involvement of the Indigenous Australian people of this land and Christianity through the theme “Walk Alongside”.

Archbishop Freier said the conference provided a good opportunity to talk about the relationship between the Anglican Church and Indigenous Australians. “I think that in our national narrative at the moment it’s very hard for it to be publically conceded that Christianity is a social good, especially in the context of indigenous people,” said the Archbishop.

“Many of the Aboriginal people that I know have lives that are contributing to their communities because … they’ve formed their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity around their Christianity and I think that’s a very positive thing,” he said.

“I hope these events stir people to tell the story differently.”
Watch a short video about Surrender below, or visit http://www.youtube.com/AnglicanMediaMelb 

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