​Archbishop Justin prays at All Saints Cathedral,
Juba, South Sudan, Thursday 30 January 2014.

​Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury has told Anglicans in South Sudan that that have not been forgotten by Christians around the world and that their faith is an inspiration.

In a sermon in All Saints’ Cathedral in the capital Juba, he promised that he would “accompany” them in reconciliation and urged them to “be real” about what had gone wrong in their country, which achieved independence in 2011.

“When something happens you can plant two types of tree: the tree of bitterness or the tree of reconciliation,” Archbishop Welby said. “Both take a long time to grow, but the roots go very deep and are hard to get rid of. It took us years to have the tree of reconciliation bear fruit in our lives.

“In South Sudan when you plant a tree of reconciliation, it will take a long time to grow. It starts being planted by finding out and recognising the truth of what happened. Paul speaks of God’s reconciliation – not counting their sins against them. We all have sins needing forgiving. Be real about where things have gone wrong.”

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