Anglican leaders are hailing the report Nudging Anglican Parishes to Prevent Violence Against Women, saying it points to a paradigm shift in the way Anglican communities assist in tackling family violence now and in the future.

In Australia, one in three women has experienced violence and one woman dies each week as a result of violence in the home. Most of their tormentors are not strangers lurking on busy streets, but their friends, acquaintances, husbands, brothers and fathers. The rest of the data on violence against women is equally disturbing.

The Revd Dr Stephen Ames, Program Chair of Anglicans Promoting Equal and Respectful Relationships for Preventing Violence Against Women (APERR for PVAW), said: “We are all shamed by this violence, which so often is ‘payback’ to a woman as the way a man handles his anger, fed by deep dissonances about gender roles and an actual inequality of power. Violence violates human dignity and can take many forms before it becomes extreme. Respect for the God-given dignity of each person and the common good of the communities in which we live is a fundamental principle of Christian social teaching.

“Jesus Christ gives us the example and vision as well as the grace for living with peace, not violence, in our hearts, our homes, our neighbourhoods, our institutions and our wider culture. We all need to learn and relearn this, including the Churches.”

Dr Ree Boddé, Program Director for APERR for PVAW, said: “What the report shows is that there are effective ways of moving towards helping prevent violence against women and girls.”
“The challenge is for more communities to shift their ‘paradigm’ to that of helping prevent violence in the first place, not just responding to the people damaged by violence.”
The Most Revd Dr Philip Freier, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, and Ms Andrea Coote, Parliamentary Secretary for Families and Community Service, will help launch this report on Friday 23 May, at St Peter’s Anglican Church, corner Albert and Gisborne streets, East Melbourne.

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