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‘We want your thoughts on the next Anglican Communion Secretary General’: Anglican Consultative Council Chair19/11/2014by Anglican Communion Office/ACNS
Top London Church of England school ‘failed to safeguard pupils from Islamic extremism’19/11/2014by Richard Garner, The Independent (UK)
Death sentence for Pakistan woman turned on technicality19/11/2014by Asif Aqeel, WorldWatch Monitor (UK)
Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogues in Canada discuss marriage, physician-assisted suicide19/11/2014by ACNS
Australian-funded mammography unit opens at Egyptian Anglican hospital19/11/2014by Diocese of Egypt/ACNS
16 Days of Activism – Anglican men speak out about violence against women and girls!19/11/2014by Diocese of Perth video and text
Nationalism, religion and business under Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi19/11/2014by ABC Radio National ‘Religion and Ethics Report’ audio and text
Plans for Australia’s first Protestant university gain momentum18/11/2014by Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans
Indigenous Canadians call for change in church structure18/11/2014by Andre Forget, Anglican Journal
Canadian Primate Hiltz offers view of church for rest of this decade18/11/2014by Leigh Anne Williams, Anglican Journal (Canada)
WCC condemns attack on worshippers at Jerusalem synagogue18/11/2014by World Council of Churches media release
Archbishop of Canterbury appoints London vicar as CofE’s Interreligious Affairs Secretary18/11/2014by Lambeth Palace media release
Reconciliation demands we stop 'holding back', says Archbishop Welby18/11/2014by Lambeth Palace video and text
Work to help Democratic Republic of the Congo rape victims wins peace prize17/11/2014by ACNS
Victorian state election: Abortion issue throws Buninyong campaign into disarray17/11/2014by Matthew Dixon and Richard Willingham, The Age with The Courier, Ballarat
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