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Archbishop of Canterbury, Scottish Episcopal Church Primus meet Scotland’s new First Minister25/11/2014by ACNS
Persecution may be ‘tip of the iceberg’: Peshawar Christians25/11/2014by ACNS
New liturgical resources published for ANZAC Centenary25/11/2014by Anglican General Synod Liturgy Commission
Welsh bishops make Fair Trade appeal24/11/2014by ACNS
Episcopal ring ‘symbol of deep Anglican, Roman Catholic relationship’24/11/2014by ACNS
Tasmanian bishop wanted sex abuse apology24/11/2014by Sky News video/AAP text
Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy files appeal24/11/2014by The Guardian (UK)/Agence France-Press
Archbishop of Canterbury visits Scottish Episcopal Church24/11/2014by Lambeth Palace media release
Cathedrals offer place of peace and prayer in busy lives, new statistics reveal24/11/2014by ACNS
Sunday morning inconvenient for church services, says Church of England24/11/2014by John Bingham, The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Victorian election 2014: Majority support same-sex adoption, fewer restrictions on abortion, Vote Compass reveals24/11/2014by Guy Stayner, ABC News video, text and graphics
Anglican pastoral staff to be returned to Maori23/11/2014by SBS World News/Australian Associated Press
Women bishops: ‘The hate mail was always from other Christians’23/11/2014by Peter Stanford, The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Tasmania’s former assistant bishop admits he may have failed to persuade Hutchins school in Hobart to apologise over sexual abuse22/11/2014by Rosemary Bolger and Tyson Shine, ABC News (Tasmania) video and text
Evangelism is central to being the people of God, says Archbishop Welby21/11/2014by Lambeth Palace media release and images
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