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Considering the future: Anglican Future Conference opens in Melbourne25/03/2015by Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans
Climate denial is immoral, says head of US Episcopal Church25/03/2015by Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian Australia
Archbishop of Canterbury to lead prayers and blessing at Richard III reinterment24/03/2015by Lambeth Palace media release
Nigerian Christians may back a Muslim candidate in presidential elections24/03/2015by Fredrick Nzwili, Religion News Service (US)
South Kordofan, Sudan: ‘Peace is our only option’23/03/2015by Diocese of Egypt/ACNS
King Richard III begins final journey to the battlefield where he died 530 years ago23/03/2015by Alex Fraser, The Sydney Morning Herald/Reuters
Canadian Anglican leaders fast for the climate23/03/2015by Anglican Journal (Canada)/ACNS
Anglican Bishop Kay Goldsworthy installed23/03/2015by Josh Hanrahan, Gippsland Times
Libby Lane: ‘Whatever the Church’s failings, I really think this is where God has put me’21/03/2015by Helen Pidd, The Guardian (UK)
WCC delegation expresses solidarity with Ukraine20/03/2015by World Council of Churches media release
Welby addresses mourners after Pakistan murders20/03/2015by Church Times (UK)
Faith leaders unite with business leaders to end scourge of slavery20/03/2015by Mary Frances Schjonberg, Episcopal News Service (US)
Anglican-Methodist dialogue report launched at home of St Patrick20/03/2015by ACNS
Methodists and Anglicans ‘close enough for unity’20/03/2015by Madeleine Davies, Church Times (UK)
Archbishop Welby urges Northern Ireland ‘keep going’ on reconciliation18/03/2015by Lambeth Palace media release and images
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