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Bible set on fire leads to close call for historic Saskatchewan church4/03/2015by Ryan Pilon, CBC News (Canada)
Mike Baird’s emotional public moment during election policy forum4/03/2015by Sean Nicholls, The Sydney Morning Herald
NSW political leaders speak out in pre-election Christian forum4/03/2015by Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans
Bishop of Tasmania: Let’s make ‘Domestic Violence’ an oxymoron!3/03/2015by Bishop John Harrower blog
Theological studies ignited transformation of US woman set to die2/03/2015by Nan Ross, Episcopal News Service (US)
One in five Australians who are out of work are teenagers as youth bear burden of worsening national unemployment: new report2/03/2015by Brotherhood of St Laurence media release and video
NZ chaplains urged to prepare for disaster27/02/2015by Amy Shanks, Hawke’s Bay Today (NZ)
Westminster Abbey wins permission to add first new tower in 300 years27/02/2015by Maev Kennedy, The Guardian Australia
Gaza six months after the ceasefire: Roger Hearn, Regional Director for Save the Children, speaks to BBC’s Lyse Doucet26/02/2015by BBC World News video/YouTube
God, Suffering and Stephen Fry: A response to John Dickson26/02/2015by Shane Clifton, ABC Religion and Ethics
‘Whole church’ movement gathers momentum26/02/2015by Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans
Human remains discovered in the grounds of St George’s Cathedral Deanery in Perth25/02/2015by Archbishop of Perth’s website
Ruling expected soon in Fort Worth Episcopal Diocese dispute25/02/2015by Jim Jones, the Star-Telegram (US)
Victoria removes time limits on civil claims over child sex abuse24/02/2015by The Guardian Australia/Australian Associated Press
Norwich: capital of the church’s radical campaign for country with a conscience22/02/2015by Peter Stanford, The Observer (UK)
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