​St Paul's Kindergarten teacher Alan Milstead with four year olds Ellie, Oscar and Elijah
Photo: Scott McNaughton

Sole male hails career with young children

This article and photogrpah is reproduced with kind permission from the Boroondara Review Weekly www.theweeklyreviewboroondara.com.au.

By Lisa Higginson

When Alan Milstead found his calling, he turned gender stereotyping on its head. 

The 29-year-old, who opted for a career in early childhood education nine years ago, is the only male kindergarten teacher in the Boroondara kindergarten program.

Mr Milsted is one of 30 male kindergarten teachers across Victoria and just four in the Eastern Metropolitan area, according to 2012 education department statistics.

The father of two has taught at St Paul's Kindergarten in Canterbury, where he is also assistant director, for four years.

"I originally thought I would want to move to primary, but having worked with younger children I love seeing how much they change and how much you put in influences who they are", he said.  "You have such a huge impact on them and a lot of men are not aware of that".

Mr Milsted said emphasis was more often put on primary and secondary school teaching.

"Not many males are exposed to the early childhood age group, which is a shame because I think they find there are so many rewards," he said.

St Paul's Kindergarten, a non-profit facility that has been running for 68 years.

For further information visit:  www.stpaulskindergarten.org.au


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