Foundation assists youth camps for relatively new arrivals

Over the past 3 years the Foundation  (and partners) has provided assistance  with the young people’s camp from the large Karen congregation at Werribee. Initially the camps were organised by local people to assist the Karen, but as their confidence and skills grow,  the Karen youth have taken over organising their own Camps.

The senior youth camp of 5 days with 80 participants was held in October last year. Here they shared the traditions of their culture, their experiences of relocation and their Christian Faith. The campers learnt about self-discipline, Karen history
and how to plan for their future in a new country. Recreation included games nights and walks. These camps help significantly in building the fellowship, faith and confidence of these relatively new arrivals to this country.

The Sunday school camp for younger children and their families was for 3 days and had 70 participants. Several young Karen have also attended the Family Camp sponsored by the Foundation at Philip Island. They have participated in activities that could be divided into three categories, 1) The Sedate – Bible Studies and Meditation, 2) the Adventurous – flying fox, canoeing
and giant swing, and 3) the Fun – games and an evening learning African drumming.

The sounds of laughter, the joy of song and the musicality of prayer are all the same in any language but for these youngsters being in each other’s presence was the best part of these camps.


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