Established in 1987, the Melbourne Anglican Foundation was the inspiration of Archbishop David Penman who thought it was critical that the Diocese look for new ways to raise funds for future ministries. An initial seventy-five members paid a joining fee which made up the corpus on which the Foundation was built.

The corpus is invested by a board of directors and provides an income stream to cover administration and staff costs and to provide for the distribution of grants to approved diocesan and parish projects.

The Melbourne Anglican Foundation supports the work of the Anglican Church in Melbourne and Geelong.

Since its inception the Foundation has evolved into administering a number of other funds:

  • The Melbourne Anglican Youth Fund
  • The Melbourne Anglican Foundation Chaplaincy Fund
  • Migrants and Refugees Settlement Fund
  • Melbourne Anglican Benevolent Society
  • Melbourne Anglican Cultural Organisation

If you wish to take up this unique opportunity to support the Anglican Church by becoming a member of the Foundation please contact:

The Right Reverend Dr Bradly S Billings | Chairperson
Tel: (03) 9653 4280

















































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