young karen people

Young Karen people

Karen Community

There is something intrinsically uplifting about a group of youth singing at the tops of their voices with joy and fervour.

And that’s how the Karen Youth Camp started. 110 young people from Werribee, Geelong and further afield gathered at Queenscliff. They shared the traditions of their culture, their experiences of relocation and their Christian Faith.

The Migrants and Refugees Settlement Fund seeks to help refugees settle into a new life. Parishes may apply to support individuals in ‘necessitous circumstances.’   Projects may include emergency accommodation, material aid, and skill and language classes.

The campers learnt about self-discipline, Karen history and how to plan for their future in a new country. Recreation included games nights, a visit to the historic fort and walks on the beach. The sounds of laughter, the joy of song and the musicality of prayer are all the same in any language but for these youngsters being in each others presence was the best part of the camp.


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