​The Revd Daniel Bol Nyieth

Daniel helps keep North-West's young heart beating 

The Revd Daniel Bol Nyieth can understand well enough what the youth of the North-West Region of the Diocese of Melbourne are going through. Many are from multicultural communities and struggle to balance their community, learning and job commitments – let alone church.

Mr Nyieth, a Sudanese priest who was ordained in Kenya and came to Australia in 2008, has been Youth Ministry Facilitator for the region since last December – a role supported by the Melbourne Anglican Foundation – Youth Fund.

His “patch” extends from central Melbourne through the traditional strongholds of immigrants such as Brunswick and Altona to the fastgrowing edge of the metropolitan area and Greater Geelong and includes a cultural diversity as great as any in Australia. Acquiring life and work skills and gaining employment in changing times when traditional industries are under pressure only adds to the difficulties for young people.

“It has now become very challenging for young people from various communities, especially those who have come from refugee
communities,” Mr Nyieth says.

“It’s particularly hard for them to get a balance of church life, community life, education and jobs. “I think in Australia, young people and it very hard to go every Sunday to church because of many commitments and many activities, so we need to keep reminding them that church is their priority as well as their other commitments.”

Mr Nyieth works with vicars, youth workers and diocesan agencies in the North-West in nurturing the lives of young people in the Church. A two-day camp in March attracted almost 60 young people, including many from the Sudanese, Karen and Chinese communities.

Young people, he says, “have a heart to serve the Church but if there is no one supporting them, they will not be able to keep it
(alive) in that heart”.

“The Anglican Church in Melbourne is trying to engage all the multicultural communities. The Church is playing a big role because those who come from different backgrounds, refugees, they have similar challenges. So if they come here (to church), they and it  very easy to share their ideas and become involved in the Australian mainstream."


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