With a Parish Bonus Account, investors do not earn interest. Instead, parishes are assisted directly with their day to day running costs.

When a minimum amount of $5,000.00 is invested with the ADF in a Parish Bonus Account, a quarterly bonus is paid by the ADF to the parish nominated by the investor. Alternatively, an Anglican organisation can be nominated to receive the quarterly bonus.

The quarterly bonus is made at hte discretion of the ADF in lieu of interest being paid to the account. 

The Parish Bonus Account provides a convenient and cost effective method of giving to support parishes and the wider Anglican community. At the same time, through the ADF, Investors have access to a full range of services.

The Parish Bonus Account is an attractive consideration, especially for pensioners planning retirement.

Key features

  • Support your Parish and the wider Anglican community through investing with the ADF
  • A quarterly bonus payment is directed to your Parish, or nominated Anglican organisation
  • Helpful and friendly staff are available to answer any queries regarding your investment
  • Minimum investment of $5,000.00
  • The provision of a wide range of transactional facilities, including electronic transfers to and from your ADF account
  • Access is available to ADF Online, the ADF’s online service. Investors may withdraw funds from their ADF account, in addition to being able to check balances and view transaction histories
  • The bonus payment represents an additional means of giving to your Parish which may have taxation benefits under certain circumstances.

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