At-call accounts are a flexible and cost-effective investment option.

Account holders have access to a full range of facilities and there are absolutely no fees or costs charged to the investor or the parish. The accounts are simple to use and allow an investor to maintain total control over their funds. The minimum investment for an At-Call Account is only $100.00.

Interest is calculated daily, and can be paid to a nominated financial institution account or reinvested. Depending on the type of account, statements are issued quarterly or half yearly.

At-Call Accounts can be used for short or medium term savings targets e.g. a holiday, car or a deposit on a home.

An ADF At-Call Account offers a simple solution to saving that can be tailored to meet the investor's specific savings goals.

Key features

  • Support your Parish and the wider Anglican community through investing with the ADF
  • Helpful and friendly staff are available to answer any queries regarding your investment
  • Minimum investment of $100.00
  • The provision of a wide range of transactional facilities, including electronic transfers to and from your ADF account
  • Access is available to ADF Online, the ADF’s online service. Investors may withdraw funds from their ADF account, in addition to being able to check balances and view transaction histories
  • Interest is paid quarterly or half yearly
  • At-Call accounts are ideal for short or medium term savings goals

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