Term Investment Accounts are a great option for those who have long term savings goals.

The ADF's suite of Term Investment Accounts offers a higher interest rate than the At-Call Accounts - with different terms available to suit the diverse needs of investors.

Interest is fixed for the term of the investment. The guaranteed return assists the investor in budgeting and planning for their financial goals.

A Term Investment Account with the ADF may be opened with as little as $1,000.00. Interest is calculated daily and can be paid directly to a nominated financial account or reinvested at maturity. Depending on the term chosen, interest may be paid quarterly, half yearly, yearly or at maturity.

Key features

  • Support your Parish and the wider Anglican community through investing with the ADF
  • Helpful and friendly staff are available to answer any queries regarding your investment
  • Minimum investment of $1,000.00
  • A number of terms are available to select from, designed to suit each investors specific requirements
  • Access is available to ADF Online, the ADF’s online service. Through this facility investors may check balances and view transaction histories
  • Interest may be paid quarterly , half yearly, annually or at maturity depending on the selected term
  • Term Investment accounts are ideal for long term savings goals.


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