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At Anglicare Victoria our focus is on transforming the futures of children and young people, families and adults. Our work is based on three guiding pillars, Prevent, Protect, and Empower. We offer a comprehensive network of services and seek to ensure the provision of high quality services that will bring about significant improvements in the life experience of the young people, children and families/caregivers with whom we work.

The Agency was formed in 1997 by joining together three of the State’s most experienced child and family welfare agencies: the Mission to St. James and St. John, St John’s Homes for Boys and Girls and the Mission to the Streets and Lanes. These three former agencies had over 260 years’ experience combined in providing care and support services to Victorians in need.

To this day, we continue to help people overcome their immediate crisis, through a range of direct services which ultimately aim to end the cycle of disadvantage. Each and every year we protect over 80,000 children, young people and families, all across the state, who desperately need help. We’re dedicated to empowering and educating Victorians, to provide them with access to brighter futures and better tomorrows.

The services we provide aim to achieve lasting change and include foster care, emergency relief, food and material aid, crisis accommodation, care for children with disabilities, assistance for victims of abuse, violence and neglect, and short-term housing. Our services help families to understand and overcome serious issues such as parenting, mental illness, violence, and drug and alcohol dependence.

The core of Anglicare Victoria’s work remains our commitment to providing nurturing homes for children and young people who are not able to live with their families for a range of reasons. We provide a home to more than 340 children and young people each night, and can only achieve this with the support of our dedicated staff and passionate volunteer carers.

Through our extensive range of family services programs, we’re working towards stronger, happier Victorian families.

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