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Living in good company

In 1948 a small group of volunteers within the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, recognised an urgent need within their community for quality care and support for vulnerable, elderly people. They decided to do something to help by starting Anglican Homes for the Elderly. In 2003, it became known as Benetas. That’s over 60 years of caring for the older community in Victoria.

Today, Benetas is one of Victoria’s leading not-for-profit aged care service providers committed to giving individuals the best possible care, regardless of their financial situation, lifestyle or cultural background.

Valuing each person

Benetas is derived from Latin words meaning ‘a good age of life’, reflecting our caring spirit and the special way we value older people in the community. It also reflects our belief that ageing and aged care should be the best possible experience for everyone.

We are dedicated to providing older people with sustainable quality aged care services, now and in the future, to enable them to live the best life possible.
Sandra Hills, CEO, Benetas.

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