Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director, Conny Lenneberg.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a non-government, community-based organisation concerned with social justice. Based in Melbourne, it is working for a better deal for disadvantaged people and provides important services for people who need them most.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence was founded on 8 December 1930 in the Anglican parish church of St Stephen in Adamstown, a working class suburb of Newcastle. Its founder, Father Gerard Kennedy Tucker, dreamed of building a dedicated group of like-minded men who would serve the church and the community.

The Brotherhood works not just to alleviate poverty, but to prevent it. We focus on people who are at risk at four critical stages (transitions) in their lives:

Within this broad framework, we pay particular attention to issues relating to refugees and settlement and money matters.

We undertake research, service development and delivery, and advocacy, with the objective of addressing unmet needs and translating our learning into new policies, programs and practices for implementation by government and others. Through Brotherhood businesses, we provide employment opportunities and raise funds for our other programs.

We aim to have a national voice on poverty and disadvantage. We believe that tackling poverty effectively requires the integration of social and economic policy, so that all Australians have the capacity and the resources to lead rewarding lives.

We want to demonstrate how economic efficiency and social fairness can reinforce each other and lay the foundations for a new social safety net based on economic participation and opportunities. Our current areas of policy focus include social inclusion, equity and climate change, a fairer tax system and financial inclusion.


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