The Anglican Diocesan Schools Commission (ADSC) of the Diocese of Melbourne was established by the Archbishop in Council in 2005.  Its members are appointed by Archbishop in Council but it is a separate legal entity.

The ADSC’s mission is to promote the kingdom of God, by establishing and nurturing affordable-fee Anglican schools in the growth corridors of Victoria in partnership with either new or existing Anglican congregations.

The ADSC’s vision is to be an Anglican Diocesan organisation generating resources to sponsor excellent schools that are:

  • embedded in Christian values and the Anglican tradition
  • part of the Diocese and integrated with its mission
  • focussed on developing the whole person
  • open to students of all religious convictions
  • financially sustainable.

ADSC holds these values:

  • We are Christian
  • We seek to serve
  • We respond to community need
  • We promote a Christian learning environment
  • We welcome students of all faiths
  • We are committed to excellence in learning
  • We value professional excellence.

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Hume Anglican Grammar School

The first of what is hoped to be a series of schools established by the Anglican Diocesan Schools Commission, founded in 2008 at Craigieburn.