The Aboriginal approach to delivering holistic health was for the traditional healers (called Ngangkari in Central Australia) to select young people with the right attitude and aptitude to become “young doctors”.

Our Young Doctors - Dhalayi Doctors – Dunghutti, Umbarkalya Doctors – Alywarr etc - are trained by a combination of Elders, traditional healers (if available) and community workers to become health leaders with a knowledge of hygiene, nutrition, environmental health and health literacy. The Young Doctors are then supported as they engage with other children in their town camp or community encouraging others kids to take on good health habits. 

A MALPA project has just been accepted by the Elders of the Wandarra people in Hume to engage indigenous young people to become ‘Young Doctors’. 

Along with local health workers David Peake from St.Mary Magdalene in Dallas is supporting the project, which is the initiative of Don Palmer formerly a priest in this diocese.

If your parish has direct contact with local Aboriginal people you may like to pass on the information about MALPA PROJECT with the thought that contacting the Wandarra people in Hume would give them immediate feedback about the project  and the value of their starting such a project.

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