Competing ideas of the human person

The question about the nature of the human person comes to the fore in a variety of contexts, for example: regarding the basis for human rights, the import and impact of digital technology; the transhuman/posthuman project; ‘wellbeing’ debates from the OECD to Prof. Martin Seligman; the human person as no more than a phenomenal ‘self’; the free market economy; the postmodern deconstruction of the ‘self’ and bioethics at the beginning and ending of life. There are competing answers to this question. 

The Christian tradition has a long and interesting history of reflecting on the question of the human person in the light of the revelation of God in Christ.  This history deserves to be more widely known. 

The Social Responsibilities Committee is opening a discussion of these competing answers, with a paper by the Revd Jason Hobba.



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