It is our pleasure to welcome you to Anglicans Helping to Prevent Violence Against Women. The resources below have been designed to deepen our commitment to take action to prevent violence against women.

 An increasing number of faith communities are involved with the challenge of violence against women. In almost all cases, however, the involvement has been concerned with learning how to respond to what is already happening, or how to work with women and men who already know that their circumstances and behaviours need to change.
Change for women, in the long-term, will not happen until we start to recognise the conditions that contribute to violence so as to minimise the chance that it will happen again. The role of attitudes is key to the prevention of violence against women. Our attitudes toward violence can create a culture in which violence is at best not clearly condemned and at worst condoned or encouraged. These are attitudes that justify, excuse, trivialise, minimise or shift the blame for the violence from the perpetrator to the victim. Change is possible but it is dependent on a Biblical commitment to gender equality, respectful gender relations and freedom from violence, without which we are unlikely to achieve sustained reduction in violence against women.

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne recognises that Anglican Parishes are important settings for implementing a prevention approach. The cornerstone of Christian belief is the example of the life of Jesus Christ, who respected the dignity of all persons, placed a high value on loving relationships and defended the sanctity of all life. Living Christian faith warrants ending all forms of violence




 ADOM submission to The Royal Commission of Inquiry into family violence





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