How the SRC functions

(Formulated at SRC Special Meeting, February 2008)

The Social Responsibilities Committee (SRC) is a Committee of the Synod of the Diocese of Melbourne. The SRC assists the Archbishop, clergy and people of the Diocese to discern and fulfil their collective and individual responsibilities as Christians in society.

In establishing the SRC, Synod recognises that the Church, together with its members, has a responsibility in a democracy to engage in debates relating to the common good, giving voice to our belief that all people are created in God’s image.

The SRC’s charter is to:

  • Reflect on and engage in social and ethical issues which impact on the community
  • Identify and act on opportunities for informed dialogue that build a community that values social cohesion over marginalisation, fear and difference; and
  • Stand with and give voice to the oppressed and voiceless in our community.

Operating principles

The SRC seeks to exercise its leadership role in a collegiate, participatory, and co-operative way, emphasising the principles of servanthood, accountability and discernment through the prism of scripture, Christian discernment as expressed in the Anglican tradition, and our personal experience of God’s ongoing revelation.

This involves the SRC in engaging in dialogue by:

  • Listening to the stories of people both in parishes and communities
  • Engaging in discussions and dialogue with all those who weave the fabric of our community’s ethical and social values
  • Reflecting on the biblical tradition, the experiences of the community and contemporary Christian apologetic, and
  • Seeking to exercise its leadership in co-operation and partnership with Christian and other faith traditions, and community organisations.

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