Why do many of the more disadvantaged people receiving income support remain ‘on the system’ rather than taking on paid work? 

We have all heard the answers in the media telling us these people are made dependent by welfare, or are ‘job snobs’ – too picky about the work they will do, or are ‘work shy’, or…

The PM recently said that all who can work should work and that there are people who can work but don’t.  Certainly there are people who abuse the welfare system.  But research by the BSL shows a different picture from the common stereotypes.
People on income support have the same aspirations and goals in life as countless other Australians. … Their goals include a desire for secure, ongoing work and for jobs ‘with a future’.  Many income support recipients are engaged in paid work, and those who are not want to work, but they also want paid work to be ‘worthwhile’ and, like most Australians, to enable them to ‘get ahead’.   





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