Ken Spackman
​Mr Ken Spackman
Registrar and General Manager
Business Services

Originally designated as the officer charged with keeping the register of official records of the Diocese, the Registrar's role has expanded to encompass the execution of the decisions made by Archbishop-in-Council with respect to Diocesan property, finances, insurance and other activities.

Now known as the General Manager Business Services and Registrar, this role encompasses the broader range of business services covered by this office.

To contact the General Manager Business Services and Registrar, Mr Ken Spackman, or any of the departments below, use the online Contact Us form.

Tel: (03) 9653 4220
Fax: (03) 9653 4268

Business Services departments

Registrar and General Manager

Mr Ken Spackman
Executive Assistant: Ms Maureen Cronin

  • Finance Operations Manager
    Mr Glenn D'Souza
  • Building Projects Manager
    Ms Suzie Trajkovski
  • IT Manager
    Mr David Spargo
  • Web Services Manager

Anglican Development Fund

  • ADF Manager
    Mr Andrew Hibbard
  • Senior Customer Service Officer
    Ms Julie Sizer


  • Head of Anglicanfunds
    Ms Susan Foley

Human Resources

  • Manager
    Deborah Lindemann


  •  Consultant
  •  Mr Tony Don Paul

Risk Management and Insurance Office

  • Manager
    Mr Matthew WIlson

 Support services


​Business Services provides administrative support for the following Diocesan Committees:

- Archbishop-in-Council
- Finance Committee
- Property Committee
- Building Committee
- Anglican Development Fund (ADF)
- Anglican Funds Committee
- Stipends Committee
- Synod Arrangements Committee